Saturday, July 21, 2007

Maui Reunion

Having a great time on Maui! Kids swam at the pool for like 4 hours! Foods been great. More details and photos later. No weather problems from "Cosme", the former hurricane blowing through the islands now. We're on our way to Makawao tonight.




Kevin Foward said...

Hey! This is Kevin Deming, saw the link on the Video Ministry Yahoo! Group update email.

That Indiana Jones remake looks super cool. Those guys did everything me and my friends only dreamt of!

I also saw that you are into geocaches. My dad and i checked out one on the trail above Palisades that goes to the top of the Waianae Mt. range. I should look for some here in AZ.

Rich said...

Hi Kevin, Yup we love geocaching. My Geocaching name is SlickHawaii. You gotta add some from AZ. Thanks for the comment!