Thursday, August 31, 2006

Picture Day

Well it's already picture taking day at Hanalani Schools. Bryan and Bradley look great in their aloha shirts! Bryan was the first one in his class to have to take a photo. Bradley says that he was looking at the lights one of the times they went off! He said it was bright but he wasn't too dazzled.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

G'day and Cheerio!

Last night was amazing. I sat out on my front wall and using only a half watt of power from my walkie-talkie, I was talking with a person on the New South Wales district of Australia! How is this possible, you ask? Via the wonders of the internet of course.

The Internet Radio Linking Project is voice over IP (VoIP) for radio. Basically I connect with a local repeater, type in some codes, and my signal is routed anywhere in the world. It pops out on a repeater in Osaka, Japan,... Kailua-Kona,...or even Palmer Station, Antartica! Last night I called a "reflector" in Dallas. A reflector is a computer that can support multiple connections on a conference call. Think of it as a chat room for ham radio. Well you can imagine my surprise when I hear an Australian accent coming out of my radio instead of a Texas one!

He was a nice old chap, who really did call his friend his "mate" and wished me a "g'day and cheerio" (imagine that in your best Aussie accent). It was so cool that a guy using a half watt in Mililani was talking to a guy in Eastern Australia via a Dallas reflector. Wow!

Now I want to show Bryan! There are "youth only" nodes where he can talk with hams his own age from all around the world! I am also told that if he connects with some Japanese repeaters, he will be mobbed my young people wanting to practice their English. I still want to accomplish my goal of speaking to someone in Antartica. What an amazing hobby!

Peace, Love and Cheerio mates!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Like blood from a stone...

I signed up on Sunday for a church blood drive to hopefully make up for a terrible experience a week ago.

I was climbing into the blood mobile when I slammed my toe into the top step. At first I was just embarrassed but then it really started to hurt and I noticed blood was flowing out from under my toenail. Well, the last thing I wanted was to leave a trail of blood on the blood mobile floor, so I asked for some help and got my toe bandaged up. One of the nurses said "maybe it's not your day to give blood." I shoulda listened.

I still wanted to do what I came there for, so I did the iron test (they poked my finger) and climbed up on a 'couch'. The phlebotomist (look it up) came and preped my arm and couldn't find my main vein, so he decided to try for a smaller side vein. I'm usually ok with needles, but this one really hurt. He said sorry and then informed me it wasn't flowing, so he moved the needle around a little to try to find the vein. No luck, and the blood that had started was already coagulating in the tube.

I spun around on the couch so they could try the other arm. I wanted them to. I know how valuable a bag of blood is to someone who needs it, especially here in Hawaii where we can't just bring in some more A negative from the next state.

I'm sitting there with a bandage on my toe, on my finger, on my right arm, and here comes the technician with a needle for my left arm. We decide to take the extra time and really try to find the main vein on the left. I'm actually pretty confident because I often have trouble the first time but usually am successful the second time. The area is preped and in goes the needle. The nurse is pretty sure he got the right spot, but nothing is flowing. We'll later discover a skin plug in the needle.

Somehow I walked out of the blood mobile with four punctures, but without giving blood. I was disappointed. They gave me a little pin to make me feel better. I did feel better until I read it. "I gave blood at the Hawaii Blood Bank". I guess they don't have pins that say "I tried to give blood."

Looking back on it now, I think my veins constricted in reaction to the pain I was experiencing in my toe. I should have listened to that first nurse and come back later. I'll give it another go on Sunday, September 10th, but I'll definitely be watching out for that top step. It's a doozy!

Peace, Love, and Phlebotomy,


(This experience is not the norm, and I have always found the blood bank staff to be very friendly and professional. The blood bank needs your blood too. To give blood or find out more information, contact The Hawaii Blood Bank.)

People interested in donating blood must:
» Be in good health.
» Be 18 years of age or older (17 with parental consent).
» Weigh 110 pounds or more.
» Bring a valid photo ID.

The donation process takes about an hour and includes some paperwork and a short physical. The actual collection of blood takes five to eight minutes (unless you're special like me!)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The rest of the day in photos

Celebration dinner at Kim Chee III!

Katsu, Meat Jun, Shrimp Tempura and plenty of Kim Chee. Ono!

I've lived here 30 years and still, every sunset is different and glorious!

During our first Net contact. It went great and we were welcomed by the HAM community.

Bryan was a little nervous.

Stressed already?!

Em's only been open for 32 minutes and the stress has already gotten to her! She wandered over to our neighbor vendor and got a massage.


We just finished setting up Em's booth and we are awaiting hoards of bead-wanting customers to descend on us. We have no idea what to expect. Em's friend Wilberta has come to help and support the effort.

The Word...

2 Peter 1:3 "As we know Jesus better, his divine power gives us everything we need for living a godly life. "

Did you catch that?

The key to living a life that pleases God isn't "doing all the right things" or "not doing all the wrong things." Those things are called "works". The key is in getting to know Him better. It's a relationship.

Like so many things in life, it's not what you do as much as who you know.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hams, Friends and Beads

Bryan and I got our first QSL cards! A card is sort of a receipt of a radio contact. You might try to ask for and collect cards from every state, every continent or every frequency. Stuff like that. Anyway my friend Hank (KH6HAK) sent us QSL cards for our very first contact. Thanks Hank!

Here is a picture of my crew mates at KITV. On the left is Marty, my boss. In the middle is Melissa (we call her Mel), she is the topical producer. That means she hangs out in the newsroom and finds out what the big stories are for the day, and then she quickly crafts promos to watch our newscast that evening. "Find out tonight how this truck wound up in a tree...", that kinda thing. On the right is Ezra. He is the newest to our team and he helps edit, write, produce our non-topical promotion. He often helps me out with graphics too.

Emily is beading like a mad woman! Tomorrow she will be selling her "baubles" and earrings/necklaces/bracelets at Uncle Richard's grand opening of "50-Plus", a fitness center for folks 50+. There is going to be a vendor tent with folks selling stuff (even Starbucks!) and Em will have a booth. I will be video taping some of it and help set up / take down. Tonight I was helping Emily create some display boards. Hope she doesn't stress out too much! I'm sure everything will go fine.

Peace, Love and Baubles,


On TheBus, On The Air

Just wanted to try sending a photo from the phone to the blog. This is my view on the bus as I ride in to work. Yesterday was a big day for Bryan and me. We went on the air with our call signs for the first time. I was intending to key up the repeater to test my signal by calling for my friend KH6HAK. We had made no arrangement to meet and I did not expect him to come up. Well no sooner had I released the PTT button, he comes back as clear as day! We talked a little as I was walking home from the bus stop, and KH6QX came up to say that there would not be a net that night. Bummed and relieved at the same time, I asked Hank to stand by while I got Bryan on the air. Within a minute of finding out his call sign he was on the air! Terrified, but on the air. We both just had our first radio contact! Now I have to overcome that fear and get on more often. Maybe this morning. Tonight we'll log into the 7:30 net and introduce ourselves there.

Peace, Love and First Contact,


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Found on the way to work....

Got our HAM callsigns!

Hurray! Last week Bryan and I took our tests for amateur radio licenses, and we both passed! Bryan got his no-code Technician, and I got my General Class license. We've been waiting for the FCC to assign us our call signs, and this morning "BOOM - der it iz!" they were finally in the database. Bryan is WH7BP and I am WH7BQ. These really don't matter as much, as we are planning to convert to "vanity" callsigns WH7BRY and WH7DAD. Too cool! We'll probably go on the air for the first time tonight, at 7:30 for the EARC radio club nighly net.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Love Wananada Wednesdays!

Tonight, T.C. had to be at Bryson's open house for school, so I needed some help! Ian was more than willing, but actually Tracey filled in quite nicely. We had a nice small group meeting and got to catch up with each other some. We spent most of our time singing and sharing, but did manage to shoehorn in a little study of 1 Sam 22. We'll be stopping Samuel in the next 4 weeks and start in on a new DVD study for 8 weeks. It is called Cat & Dog theology and it is about how most Christian's are like cats, who think their master exists to meet their needs. We need to be more like dogs and just enjoy being around the Master, serving Him whenever He commands.

Gary also took a good look at the new book I'm reading,..."Heaven". He gave it a big "looks good after a quick review" thumbs up! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Goodnight, it's late and I am going to be tired tomorrow! At least I finished the family vacation DVD I've been working on for the last 3 days solid.

Peace, Love and a little peace of "Heaven",


"Dog" Watch

Cool. Riding home on the bus, who pulls up next to us but Dwayne 'Dog' Chapman and crew, lookin for somebody in Chinatown. The cameraman had a PD170 filming, with a larger DV cam on his lap.


Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer


Needed somewhere to upload a photo of me for my profile, so it might as well be here.

Mililani Sky

I just loved the sky this morning! Beautiful work God!

I just want to blog

I have had a few "special purpose" blogs and have enjoyed those immensely. I've decided that I just want to have a place to drop some thought every now and then. Here it is! The Fuel Depot: The source for all your Fewell info! Enjoy! -Rich