Friday, October 16, 2009

Video of Haleakala Backpacking Trip

This was fun to put together for a party we just had here at the house with family.  It is a 7 minute video set to music of our hike.  It's just a quickie, but it might be easier than sifting through all the individual photos.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uploaded Photos from the Haleakala Hike!

Hi Gang!,

I've uploaded a selection of photos from our Haleakala hike to Flickr. You can see them here:

Flickr Photo Set

and you can see them on a map of Haleakala here:

Flickr Map of Haleakala Hike

Hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from our hike!

Back from our hike!
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Gathering all the photos and GPS tracks from the hike and I'll post
them here before Saturday.

Bottom line: We're all safe and we had a great time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


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Haleakala Visitor Center

Haleakala Visitor Center
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llz=20.759711, -156.246512

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Night before our expedition

llz=20.871646, -156.329126, 18

Despite only getting 8 hours of sleep last night, I felt fine most of the day. Other than a near-flat tire, which was quickly repaired, it was a good day.

We had lunch at my folks house, and then Gary and I went shopping for some fresh goods and some impromptu hiking sticks. Gary had to replace his entire supply of eggs because each and every one was broken, despite being in a hard plastic egg carrier. Tells you how our bags were treated!

After that the kids played and I packed, repacked, repacked again, and generally fiddled with my gear all day.

Now we're all in bed, and I think I'm the last one awake. In the back
Of my mind are questions about myself, my training, our planning,.... Last time we did this we were 18 & 19. How different will it be at 42 & 43? Did we train enough? The only way to know, is to go.

Pushing aside those thoughts, we are hoping for beautiful, clear skies, a gentle breeze, and abundant water on the trip.

I will do my best to share the adventure, but of course access to the Internet may not be reliable. If can, I will.

Getting sleepy now as I type this. Our adventure begins in the morning.

Good night.

Fwd: Uh oh....

Fwd: Uh oh....
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> llz=20.892805, -156.438779

> Are cars supposed to hiss?

Civilian MREs

Civilian MREs
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Our first day in the crater will be a long long walk, and when we
arrive at the cabin we are going to be able to enjoy a hot meal right
away, courtesy these Meals Ready To Eat (MRE). You just add saltwater
(included) and a chemical reaction begins the makes a hot meal ready
in 10 minutes! Click the link to see videos of it at work and get
more information.

This box contained 10 meals and cost $72.

2:30am...Done packing.

So much happened today but it us going to have to wait. So tired.
Packed our 3 backpacks. Brad's is 23lbs, Bry's is 24lbs., and mine is
only 39lbs out the door. I'm sure it will be more by the time we get
to the trail, but I'm encouraged. Right on target.

Got the MREs today and tested the solar panels with the iPhone.
Worked like a charm!

More tomorrow. The adventure begins after a 2 hour nap. Goodnight.

Peace, Love and Weighty Plans,


(Sent from my iPhone. Please forgive brevity or typos.)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Motion X GPS app

Motion X GPS app
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llz=21.444468, -158.024280

Up late preparing

llz=21.444475, -158.024301

Stayed up very late tonight making lists and gathering materials. Spent much of tonight updating our first aid kit. It will be top notch for this trip! Also made a long shopping list for Friday (payday). Em's gonna help me out with some of the non technical shopping tomorrow. I've still got quite a few loose ends to tie up. I'd show you pictures, but I've got to get to bed. The final rush has begun!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Power To Spare!!

llz=21.302509, -157.852196

Power To Spare!!
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Hi Everyone!

I have great friends! I went to my buddy Hank (KH6HAK) here at work
to try to help me think through a power solution so I could keep my
iPhone on all day as a GPS tracker. He surprised me instead my
offering to let me use this Innergy Power IP15B which is rated at 15
watts at 10 volts in direct sunlight. I tested it with my ham radio
and it worked great! I still need to test it with my iPhone but I am
missing my 12v iPhone charging cable, and it looks like I'll have to
pick up a new one tomorrow.

Without having to worry about power during the day, I can leave the
iPhone on to track our GPS progress, upload photos, navigate, and just
be the happy hiking geek that I want to be.

I am so looking forward to this trip, but there is still so much to
do! Tomorrow is payday, and I have a lot of last minute outfitting to
gather up. I'll be visiting Gary tonight and we're going to have a
backpack packing party.

Peace, Live and Preparation,


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Member at Small Group

New Member at Small Group
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Position: llz=21.437011, -158.023267, 18

We have a great time at small group every week, but this week Vance
got to meet our newest member Koa!

iPhone to Flickr to Blog

iphone to Flickr to Blog
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Testing if I can just email a photo to Flickr and have it post to my
blog with position data. So far no luck. Das Why Hard!

I'm a Geoblogger Now!

Position: llz=21.444505, -158.024262, 18

I seem to have it working, but now the challenge is to become a Mobile GeoBlogger. It really isn't too hard to do from a computer attached to the internet, but I want to post GeoTagged blogs from my iPhone in the middle of Haleakala crater. That is my next challenge! This blog post is my first experiment with that.

More Geotagging Testing

This is a geotagged blog entry. Theoretically I can search for it by location. We'll give it a shot. Testing continues. The tag code looks like this:

meta name="geo.placename" content="KITV, Honolulu, HI 96814, USA"
meta name="geo.position" content="21.290389;-157.840000"
meta name="geo.region" content=""
meta name="ICBM" content="21.290389, -157.840000"
But the real code is embedded in the HTML of this post. I derived this meta-tag from this really cool website:

It's a little late to be working on all of this, and I hear cell phone coverage in the crater is sketchy at best, but the geek inside me is driven to find a solution to have a hike map with all the blogs and photos in position where they occurred on the hike, along with a track of our actual route. Might be a bit too much to accomplish without ruining the "outdoors" experience. If I could at least record the data for later assemblage, that might work better.

Peace, Love and Cyber-hiking


Monday, October 05, 2009

48 Hour Weather Data for Haleakala

Looks like the high will be around 52 (12 C) and the low around 40 (6 C). Very high humidity means likelihood of fog, as evidenced in the webcam, even at noon. Not much wind.