Saturday, September 26, 2009

Manana Ridge Trail hike


Today we did another 'warm up hike' along the Manana Ridge Trail. It was beautiful! I can't believe it has taken me this long to enjoy this trail! Gorgeous. I would love to take it all the way to the end someday!

We invited Hayden, Bradley's friend from school to join us. We had all our packs and such on because we were in training for Haleakala, but Hayden just carried a bottle of watter. Irt was kind of funny actually! He always was tallking and energetic, while at time we were struggling up a steep incline. Ha! Glad to have him along.

I wanted to test post a few things from the hike.

All the photos can be seen on my Flickr page here:

Peace Love and Long Walks,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Testing TrailGuru

Giving this app/website combo a try.

Preparation continues

Hi Gang,

I picked up what will be Bradley's backpack from Gary on Tuesday. I have to go through another sizing session with the boys to get their packs fitting correctly.

We will be buying our tickets on Friday. Gary is doing almost all of the trip with frequent flyer miles. We have been watching the ticket prices closely, and unfortunately they've started going up. It should be our last large expense.

I'm trying some new software for tracking the hike. Looking at TrailGuru now. Seems to be a fairly mature product. Here are some samples from this morning's walk:

And here's another:

Hmm.. Doesn't work . I was expecting a graph of my elevation versus pace. This is exactly the kind of problem I want to solve now, rather than when I am really counting on it!

That's it for now. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geotagged map of Haleakala

For the hike, when I am able to post photos, they will appear on a map like this one, but I'll constrain it to only be my photos. Every photo will have a GPS geotag with it and so hopefully you can see where every single picture was taken. I've never played with this kind of tech before so I still have to do some more testing. Stay tuned.

Not Impressed

Not impressed with the hike tracking software. It shows promise, but under-delivers. I think I may be inclined to stick with my fitness walk-run software and Flickr for geotagged photos.

Here is a test link to a Flickr Map.

Gotta Run!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Our adventure will be here

Here is an example of an Accuterra map.

Accuterra iPhone app

Trying out a new hike tracking app for iPhone called Accuterra. We'll see. I wish I could measure map distances on the app. I was surprised to find I could not. I'm warm to the app but not giddy. It needs more refinement.

I also need to solve the power issue for the iPhone. Anyone have some flexible solar panels they want me to test for them? Spread the word!

Ka Iwi Shoreline parking


Testing a new app to possibly record our trip with.

I used AccuTerra on my iPhone to record a waypoint. Check it out:

Story: we thought this was an isolated location, but then discovered how crowded it is now.

The AccuTerra applications are available on Apple's iPhone App Store:

To learn more about AccuTerra on your phone visit:
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Haleakala backpacking

Hi friends,

When I was a kid my family did a lot of backpacking. We spent many 3 day weekends in the woods or high on a mountaintop. Sometimes it was beautiful, and sometimes it was a wet miserable experience. Even if it was hard I still cherished every moment (at least that's how I remember it. My dad will assure you that I whined a lot, especially as a younger hiker!). I have forgotten any pain or tiredness and only remember the beautiful views and experiences.

Well now I want my boys to have those same experiences and memories. Early this summer, I committed myself to taking the boys to Haleakala for a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip. I got my buddy on board, with his boys, and now we are just a little over a month away from making it a reality!

I have been gathering gear and taking the boys on day hikes around Oahu. They have been great and really enjoy it! I still need a pack for Bryan and then I think I'll have all my non-food major purchases covered.

I plan on making this blog the online journal for the trip. I don't quite know what kind of access I'll have in the crater, maybe not much, but I'll post what I can. If you'd like to follow along, check back here often!

Looking forward to sharing our adventure with all of you!,

Peace, Love and Long Walks,