Monday, September 10, 2007

Quit Now...It Doesn't Get Any Better!

I showed up at the range early this Monday morning, as usual, to practice my archery before work. I had gone several rounds at 30 and 40 yards and was having a good time trying a few different techniques.

At about 7:30am my 4th arrow on the 30 yard target made a funny sound when it hit. Sounded like ripping paper rather than the usual thump. I couldn't see from that range what had happened, but I assumed my arrow had torn the fletching off a previously shot arrow. I fired the rest of my quiver and headed down range to retrieve my arrows!

My mouth dropped when I saw what happened! I had split my own arrow!

(Click photo to enlarge)

Cool! I looked all around hoping to see somebody to share the moment with. Nobody! I thought "Great, no one is going to believe me! Especially because I'm a visual effects artist and I have the ability to "fake" an image like this. Or they'll think I was 5 feet in front of the target, forcing this effect."

Well it doesn't matter I decided, because I knew I did it and I am going to have this arrow mounted. I removed my arrows, keeping the split one together (it is tight!) and headed back, placed the special pair down and went on shooting, as I still had time for another round.

This time I was shooting at the 40 yard target, and I swear, the 3rd arrow made that same "ripping paper" sound! My heart skipped a beat. No way! I quickly finished off the remaining arrows and rushed downrange.

Check it out!

What are the odds of that? 2 split arrows within 5 minutes! To top off my elation, the arrow that was split this second time was NEARLY a bulls-eye!

It just doesn't get any better. I don't shoot this well. I understand this was a fluke. I'll never shoot this well again. In a way it takes the pressure off of having to.

I am going to have the arrows mounted (if I can ($$$)) with the date 9/10/07 and under 1 arrow put "30 yards. 7:30am" and the other will read "40 yards. 7:35am".

I still can't believe it. And no one was there to see it.

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