Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fuel Vlog 1 - Let Me In!

My First Video Log!

Mahalo to for the inspiration. I'm borrowing your format until I figure out what I'm doing.


Donna said...

Great videolog! What a great idea on the camera placement. I'm going to try putting my camera in a similar spot and see if that works for me. Looking forward to more vlogs from you. I also like your message in this entry. We all struggle with that (sharing the road with less than courteous drivers). NOTE: That's why I don't have a fish on my car. I think I'd be an awful witness for Christ with the way I drive. DOH!

Gung Ho said...

I just was looking at champuru's vlog about IVF and I was wondering how it was so clear. Then you come along and do the same thing. Boy, I love technology!

Rich said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It IS amazing what is possible now-a-days!