Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been quiet

Hi Everybody,

It certainly has been a while since I've put my thoughts down here.  Thank you for waiting patiently!  I think my new Twitter habit defuses some of the blogger impulses in me (Blogger impulses?  Sounds like a disease!) 

In December I was crazy busy at work installing a brand new graphics infrastructure/system.  We replaced 5 separate devices with 1 system (albeit running on 6 PCs in the back room).  It was a lot of work and so disrupted my life that I sort of lost my cadence for "normal" and I'm having to refind my pace.  We had a great vacation just before Christmas that I REALLY needed, but then it was back to the fast pace again.

I feel like Christmas  sortof snuck up and ambushed me and the normal reflection and goal setting that comes with the New Year is only now beginning to stir in me.   I feel as though I am 3 weeks behind the times.

The boys have started school again and the whole family (but me) was sick last weekend.  There were a couple of times I felt as though I was getting sick, but both times the feeling faded.  

Bryan is on the home stretch for completing his Science Fair project.  He did so much of it himself this year.  It was the subject he picked and he did 90% of the assembly.  I offered ideas, did some labeling, but he most definitely did the lions share without me.  He built a GPS tracker and if you would like to learn more about it, check out HIS blog at

Today was a very interesting day, and I can't mention all the things, but it was a day filled with good news and bad news, fear and relief.  

One highlight I would like to mention is that of Champuru, who found out after a 2 year medical journey that she is indeed pregnant!  I have never met her in person but have followed her story via Twitter and her blog.  Funny how you can feel like you know somebody without ever actually meeting.  Congratulations to her!

It's getting late and I best be off to bed!

Peace, Love and Life!


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Donna said...

Rich, thank you so much for your note of congrats! The Lord has brought us through so much, and we continue to pray as this pregnancy is still very young (only 2 weeks old)... so there is a very long road ahead of us.