Saturday, April 12, 2008

We've got rats...

We've got rats,... AND WE LOVE THEM!

Bradley has wanted rats for a long time, and the Mannings have rats
and were encouraging us all about them, so we succumbed. We have
added 2 brown and white rats to our family. We have named them Dip
and Dot (Dot has a white spot on her forehead) and we all enjoy
holding them as we try to get them accustomed to being handled. That
is why we specifically wanted baby rats.

Last Sunday, when the boys and I came home, (Em was out), we found ONLY
ONE rat in the cage, despite it being completely latched! There was
one spot where the wire bends into a handle that I could just fit my
middle finger into, so we suspect one was able to fit it's head
through and got out!

We hunted and hunted and couldn't find it. Bradley was very upset.
Just when we were about to give up, Dot jumped up on a box and I
spotted her. She didn't try to run away (much) and soon we had her
back in her cage. I wired the gap closed and they seem to be staying
where we left them now. Whew!


Sandy Fewell said...

Mama Nick dreamed about one of her grandbabies being named after her, but I'm not sure she thought it would be a pet Fewell rat! HA! Just kidding!

Gung Ho said...

You know Indiana's relationship with snakes? That's my relationship with rats.

Anonymous said...

Our goal is to spread the love of rats - one boy at a time. Way to go Fewells!