Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bryan's Science Fair

Aloha to all,

It is science fair time at the Fewell house and we have been putting almost all out free family time towards completing the projects.  This is the first year we have 2 projects to do, as Bradley has come of science fair age.  Brad is doing his about rat intelligence and Bryan is doing the usual electronics thing.  This year he is building a CubeSat, a 10x10 cm satellite.  He is building it from scratch!

No doubt we have some very late nights ahead of us, and we all wish we had started earlier.  (Mom & Dad are resisting the urge to say "I told you so!").  

Brad's project is due on Friday and Bryan's next Thursday (fortunately due to an unexpected extension!)

If you'd like to follow along on Bryan's project, check out his personal science blog, Bryan's Scienze.  If you do check it out, leave him an encouraging comment!  Every one helps it seem worthwhile.

Peace, Love and Science,


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