Thursday, February 19, 2009


Been busy, especially this week. 

I have good news!  I have replaced the LifeCast blogging app (FAIL) with BlogWriterLite (so far so good).  I'm hoping this leads to me showing up here in my own blog more often.  The problem wasn't that I wasn't blogging, it was that my wonderful blog creations in LifeCast were not posting, and there was no other way of getting them out of the LifeCast app.  It was so frustrating.

The only problem with the BlogWriterLite app is that if I receive a call while I am composing a blog entry, when I return to the app, everything is lost!  I discovered that this morning!  I hope they fix that bug because that could become very annoying!  It needs some sort of autosave feature before switching to the phone app.

If I like the Lite version, I may spring for the full version which will let me do photos too.  That would be sweet.  I am shocked that it has taken me so long to find a decent Blogger app.  Still not sure if I have yet or not, but I am hopeful.

Peace Love and new App-isodes to come!


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