Friday, October 16, 2009

Video of Haleakala Backpacking Trip

This was fun to put together for a party we just had here at the house with family.  It is a 7 minute video set to music of our hike.  It's just a quickie, but it might be easier than sifting through all the individual photos.

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deanhick99 said...

VERY nice, Rich!! Really enjoyed watching the super-high-quality slide show/"movie"...but, leave it to Rich the pro/purist to have not only top-notch video but awesome stereo sound to accompany it! Man, you guys REALLY hiked it! I guess I thought you just kinda-sorta hiked AROUND a bit, but sheesh! Good on ya...and thanks for letting us do the armchair hike via your blog! :-) Mannings & Fewells--mission accomplished! All safe & sound, & it appears "a good time was had by all," so who could ask for more? :-P Take care & God bless.