Monday, February 25, 2008

Guilt post

OK I freely admit it. This post is here because I am feeling bad about not posting for a while. So what is going on in my life?

Ramped up leadership for one. I am the Net Control Station coordinator for the Emergency Amateur Radio Club now. That is taking time to get organized and launched. The video ministry at church that I lead is also ramping up. Here is a link to 2 videos I recently did for New Hope Mililani:

Our small group, Wananada Wednesdays, is still plugging away too, though we meet on Thursdays this semester because of a class Gary is teaching.

Helping Bryan and Bradley with school work is still a daily activity. I have basically stopped watching TV except at meals. I still watch 10 minutes of the first season of "24" every lunchbreak! I enjoy that and LOST when we can find time to watch it on the DVR.

I still am listing to my audiobooks during my drives and can sometimes fit in an archery session or 2 each week before work. Feeling bad about not exercising lately. I'd like to, but I am not willing to get up earlier yet.

Well that's about it for my guilt blog confession. As with so many things, my blogging and twittering comes in waves and right now I'm between peaks.

I have shot a vlog with Bradley, but I haven't gotten around to editing it yet.

Give it time. Thanks for dropping by!

Peace, Love and long breaks,



Sandy Fewell said...

Thanks so much, Rich, for sharing both your videos with us. They were such a blessing. I'm looking forward to the vlog of Brad! Your time is being very well spent, and if your blogging and twittering suffer because of the things you are doing for the Lord, there is no need to apologize. We are always so blessed to know how God is using you. It is so fun to follow you and your thoughts throughout the day from your twittering and Dad and I would miss that so much, but God will lead how best to spend your time without burnout. Just don't forget to keep in touch however and whenever you can. It's always a joy to talk with you!

Donna said...

Hi Rich, I think I spotted you at Kinko's today. I was hesitant to say "hello" since I figure you might look at me like, "who the heck are you?" and I didn't want to say "Donna at" in the presence of my co-worker.

Hope you had a great one!
Donna at ;)

Bolo said...

Audiobooks? Interesting. I just downloaded a series on Hebrews by D.A. Carson...should be listening to it shortly.

Mike Wilson said...

Hi Rich. Guilt can sometimes be a good thing. It gets us back up and moving again, even if we don't feel like it at the moment. Personally I'm a big believer in guilt. It moves me. Congratulations on the videos you did for the church. I especially like the first one with the music background and all the ministry shots. I wish you lived closer to us. I'd put you to work here in a heartbeat. No guilt, of course. Tchau, friend.