Monday, March 03, 2008

A New Blog Is Born

Hi Everybody,

After much feet dragging, my buddy Gary has finally launched his own blog!

I know that one of the keys to blogging success is to spread the word quickly and get everyone to leave comments on his early entries. Let's really surprise him! Go on over and welcome him to the blog-o-sphere and bookmark his site (especially if he has no idea who you are!)

He is one of the most gifted and relevant Bible teachers I know, and I know some great ones! I won't get into "credentials" or the letters that come after his name on formal documents, but I will let you know that I have grown up with this guy since we were nerdlings, and he's the real deal. He can show you the power of God's word both by speaking and by example. You can count on it!

OK, I know I'm embarrassing him now so go on over and embarrass him yourself!

Peace, Love and New Blogging Buddies,


1 comment:

Rich said...

You no longer have to be a blogger user to comment on his blog. Please drop by and encourage him!