Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog? Why?


My friend Ken last night at small group was complaining to me about my lack of blogging. It's true, and it's not only me. In my neck of the woods, Facebook has caught on big time. Even Emily has an account now! Thusly, many of my friends are blogging less often, myself

To me, there is a significant difference between micro-blogging and blogging. In the Twitter/Facebook realm, one fires off short messages which reflect an emotion, thought or reaction to some immediate event. It answers the question "what are you doing now?". It's fun
and has it's place.

Blogging is more than a longer micro-blog. It is more thoughtful, slower paced. It forces the writer to have a message or a theme and to develop an idea, or tell a story. I enjoy blogging, more because of what it does for me, than what ends up on the page. It makes me

One of Bryan's teachers was telling all us parents that the reason they do so many essays is that her classl is not just to teach them history, but also to teach them how to think. Writing makes you think (at least it does for me).

When I blog, I contemplate, I evaluate, I support or defend, I realize new things that I had not previously, I appreciate my life and can see it for a moment from a different perspective.

I miss that.

I will get back on the blog-wagon, not because of any of you necessarily, but because I need to, for me. I just needed to remember why I do it. Thanks Ken.

Peace, Love and Fruitful Time-outs,


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Sandy Fewell said...

Good explanation between blogging and Twitter updates. Both are valuable to those that read it. As for me, I love to hear little popup sentences from you that let me know how you feel at any particular moment. Blogging helps me to understand what's going on at a deeper level from you. I like the idea of both and hopefully can get on my own bandwagon and get back to blogging again. I miss it. But as you said, you need the time to plan, contemplate, organize---and my mind hasn't been there this summer. Hopefully back in Maui, I can have more time to myself. Keep up both blogging and twittering, Rich. You have a gift for both!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Rich.

Although I dont particpate much on my blog (introvert pervasiveness), I really enjoy reading the blogs of my friends. It is deeper and does reveal more. And I like that. Twitter's are like a sip of water, but blogs are a cup full!

Keep on bloggin'....