Friday, August 29, 2008

Ode to my online life!

I sit here at the keyboard,
wond'ring what to say.
Should I write about my thoughts,
or how I spent my day?

My comings and my goings
are Twittered thru and thru,
I've Flickr'd, Fring'd and emailed,
every one of you.

My online life is getting
just a little out of hand,
I plan my day around where I
get WIFI on demand!

A silent thoughtful moment
is really rather rare,
I find I don't have quite enough
leftover, now, to share.

So I'll close this little poem
like I always try to do,
Wishing Peace, Love and Aloha,
to everyone of you!

Tomorrow is a new day,
so I'll skip the flatteries.
Besides I have to recharge all
my gadget batteries!


Sandy Fewell said...

Always knew you were a poet and didn't know it!

Eutychus said...

Love the poem... but flatteries and batteries? I guess nothing else rhymes with batteries. How about hatteries? twitteries? phylacteries?

(all found using