Friday, September 05, 2008

My KITV Workstation

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Rich said...

This geolocation is a little off. Wow, big photo! Wish I could color correct it, but I'll leave it as a true example of the raw product.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! An apple fanatic using a PC for graphics/editing - classic. LOL!


Sandy Fewell said...

So what can we learn about the man who occupies this small little place every day? The first thing that jumps out is that he's a boat lover and admires the serenity of the sea! Next, neatness counts! Technology is definitely important to you and your work! PC seems a little out of place for a Mac lover, but shows diversity and interest in other things outside of his box! This little area is probably not the most important aspect of his life----only a very small part of who he is, but being the best at it as he can be is vital! He devotes his best at it while there, but can leave it behind to pursue greater passions.

Rich said...

I just want to restore everyone's faith in my "Macness". Despite appearances I do NOT have a dual screen monitor on one computer. The right monitor is my new company provided and approved HP computer ( it IS a very nice machine). The left monitor is my single processor G5 mac, on which I still get lots done, but the company will no longer support or upgrade. I can use it as long as I can keep it running and relevant.

I'm surprised no one commented on the Star Trek mouse pad, 1974 triumph TR6 model, "Woody" (my cubical buddy), or the 2 million dollars hanging on the wall!