Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Expressive Purpose

Hi Everyone (or should I say Anyone?),

Just thought I'd drop a little line in here to say "Hey". I was just reading an article on about the shift from blogging to micro-blogging, and in that discussion I realized why this blog has died: It was strippped of it's purpose.

I started blogging with another blog called "A Hope and a Future", which was how I dealt with leaving my home church of 12 years in search for another.

I caught the blogging bug then, and I enjoyed the self expression and creative outlet it provided. I wanted to maintain the theme of that blog, but I was beginning to have other things I wanted to share about in my life. That is when I started The Fuel Depot. It was just my creative outlet regarding observations, funny experiences and the comings and goings of my family.

When Twitter, and then Facebook came along, those were better vehicles for this kind of expression. I never stopped sharing, it just sort of transferred over there. I didn't realize it, but I had killed this blog's purpose.

So now what? I'm not going to delete this blog,... ever! I am in search of a new expressive purpose for this space. I think if I ever identify something that excites me, that needs the longer format of a blog, and that other people would be interested in reading, then things will pick up here again. Any suggestions? For now, this blog is chillin'.

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Peace, Love and Purpose,



Sandy Fewell said...

Rich, you never reveal your heart in Twitter and Facebook like you did in your blog. I felt your spirit about life, about family, about God, about yourself so much more when you express yourself in your blog. I miss that very much! You are a writer! I'd love to see you write more!

Anonymous said...
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