Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pretty Quiet

Just checkin' in here.

Random statements about us:
-Everyone is well again. Bryan didn't spread the virus to anyone else.
-We spent most of last weekend cleaning, but we did reward ourselves with a trip to the movies to see Spiderman 3. It was great.
-Bryan moved into his own room.
-Lately the messages we've been hearing at small group and at church have been related to marriage, so Em and I have been working harder on that part of our lives.
-Work has been strangely quiet for a ratings period.
-I'm thinking of starting walking/running again.
-Em watches Bryce one more week, then will have a 3 week break.
-Kids are taking SAT exams this week.
-My friend Peter surprised me with a call today. It was good to talk to him.

That's it. Nothing terribly bloggable (is that a word?). Just wanted everyone to know we're still here!

Peace Love and Blogability (now that's just getting silly...)


1 comment:

vh1 said...

Rich, I think in todays modern internet age, if a company name can be a noun, verb or adjective (think search) in any sentence then I am sure "bloggable" is acceptable. : )