Monday, May 14, 2007

Wish I had a Camera...Wait! I DO!

Ever see something and wish you had a camera to share it with friends? That's what happened this morning and I was so glad I DID have a camera.

I was waiting at Starbucks for my Chai, watching the drive through crew do their frenzied thing, when up rolls this Labrador (looking as all labradors do before they've had their morning coffee).

You think it's easy being frisky and playful after a long weekend? What most people don't know is all that playfulness exhibited by man's best friend is actually sugar and caffeine induced! Here's the proof! I think he ordered a Venti double espresso mocha frappuccino with whipped cream and a low-fat doggie biscuit (toasted).

I bet you didn't know dogs could drive either! We'll save that explanation for another time.

Peace Love and "Ruff" Mornings,



Gung Ho said...

Good shot! I love having a digital camera nearby! Remember those old 35mm and how you never knew if you really got the shot until it was developed and found out that someone in the picture blinked? Plus today's cameras are so slim that it hardly takes up any room! I love digital!

Sandy Fewell said...

There for a minute I thought Casper had been reincarnated! Maybe he has---maybe he didn't like his pug nose and wanted to come back as a white labrador! Great picture!