Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Archery with Gary

My friend Gary recently turned 40 and got some birthday money! Woo-Hoo!

He recently told me he's thinking of getting a bow. That really made me happy because I got a bow a year and a half ago and I really enjoy it. The only thing that would be even better is going to the range in the mornings with my best friend and shooting together before work. That would be so cool!

I asked Gary why the sudden interest in archery. Know what he told me? "Cheaper than a Harley" he said. (!) Ha!

Peace Love and Bullseyes,


P.S. Gary keeps a blog called "Eutychus Nerd", and as soon as his Dell computer is repaired he'll start updating again. He is a Doctor of New Testament Theology at Pacific Rim Bible College.

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Anonymous said...

True, a bow is cheaper than a Harley, but can a bow wake up ALL the neighbors in the wee hours as one goes for a ride around this beautiful island with the wind in the hair? Yeeeaaa....