Friday, May 09, 2008

We haven't seen Bradley for 2 days!

OK, before you call Child Protective Services, let me explain.

Bradley is experiencing a common Hawaii student right of passage... the 4th grade Big Island trip. He, along with the entire 4th grade of Hanalani Schools, has descended upon the island of Hawaii and is exploring lava tubes, and volcanoes, and all kinds of things over there. They also get to experience a wonderful bonding experience between themselves, as well as be away from mom and dad for a while.

This is the longest Bradley has been away from us. We miss him. I missed him as soon as I got back in the truck that took us to the airport. "Didn't two of us come here? How is it I'm leaving with only one.... myself?" I know he is having a wonderful time, and we keep finding ourselves checking his itinerary so we can imagine what he is doing at that very moment.

I'm fine, so long as I can avoid letting my mind play "But What If..." . Several times I've had to command my mind to stop contemplating worse-case scenarios and terrible disasters and remember that Emily and I "gave" Bradley back to the Lord many years ago, and now is no time to snatch him out of God's hands. We rest in the fact that our Lord loves Bradley even more than we do (if that's possible) and is wiser and more capable of helping and protecting him than we will ever be. We rest in that.

Today, when I leave work, I'll be heading straight to the airport to pick him up. What a thrill it will be to hear for the first time of all the adventures he has had with his friends over there. I can't wait to give him a hug that has been building up in me for 3 days! Hope I don't crush the little guy!

Peace, Love and Reunions,


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Anonymous said...

I was having coffee with Renee on
Saturday morning and we saw the Hirokawas. I think that one of their kids went on the trip with Bradley.

Kris Kitaoka