Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Catching up on some photos

Yesterday, my folks left for West Virginia to watch over my Grandma for the summer. Even though they live on Maui when they are here, I am still aware of the greater distance they are from me when they go up to WV.

A few weeks ago they came to visit and I haven't had the chance to post the photos. Here are some now:

Nana meets our latest family member... Dot the Rat. So long as Dot stays still, Nana's fine.

Nana, Bradley and Bryan.

Nana, Bryan and Papaw.

(We seemed to have trouble getting everyone together for a photo. When this on was taken, I was trying to get some debris out of Bradley's eye.)

Nana keeps a blog called "Sandy's Refreshment Spot".

Bryan also has a blog (which he updates rarely) called "Bryan's Scienze".

Peace, Love and Family,


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