Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Intestinal "Drano"

I can see why people say that the prep for the (C-word) is the worst part. I had to drink a gallon of this "product" and let it coarse through my system in a single evening. I just finished the last serving and it was none too soon.

How does it taste? It reminded me of diluted sea water kept for too long in a plastic jug. "Salty Plastic" was the flavor I experienced. I guess they ran out of Root Beer and Strawberry. The good news is I am squeaky clean inside. I think of it as house cleaning before the guests arrive!

I found that the texture was a lot like milk, and that if I kept thinking "milk", and kept the product very cold, my body would accept it faster. The instructions say it is better to just drink it outright, than to sip it. That was hard, and I found myself reluctantly sipping more than once. The instructions also said that if I failed to drink the whole gallon, I would have to repeat the attempt at another time. NO THANK YOU!

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