Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Worst is "Behind" Me

Well, I survived the (C-word). I have to say that the Kaiser staff and system are wonderful. I felt respected and never "processed" and at no time did I feel my dignity was being sacrificed in the name of medicine. Truly, the worst part is the colon cleanser and the prick of an I.V. needle.

They found two small polyps, both of which they removed. One was too small for testing, the other will be tested just in case. I don't have to go back for 5 years! That's great news.

This brings to a conclusion this adventure. I will no longer be referring to the (C-word) and it is now safe to begin reading the blog again. I was very grateful for all the honest support I got from many people who enjoyed the blog and offered words of encouragement or advice on what to expect.

Thanks to Dr. Daryl Fujiwara, Bobbi, Rose and David for making me feel comfortable, keeping me informed of the process and performing as complete professionals. Also thanks to my recovery nurse who was very kind but I was too drugged to remember her name.

This is beginning to sound like an acceptance speech for an Oscar™ or something! Can you imagine what would that statue look like?

Peace, Love and "All's Well, that (my) End's Well",



Bunny Berry said...

Love the End's Well Oscar! Congratulations on being C Word Free.

darnlucky from twitter

Bolo said...

Glad to hear it, Rich! On a slight tangent, I ran into Aaron Johnson the other week at the showing of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Be glad that I hadn't heard about your C-Word at that point, as we most definitely would have explored that topic during our conversation.