Saturday, August 26, 2006

The rest of the day in photos

Celebration dinner at Kim Chee III!

Katsu, Meat Jun, Shrimp Tempura and plenty of Kim Chee. Ono!

I've lived here 30 years and still, every sunset is different and glorious!

During our first Net contact. It went great and we were welcomed by the HAM community.

Bryan was a little nervous.

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Sandy Fewell said...

Ah, to see my family in pictures----everyone looks great. Yummy to the Korean food---wish we had some bi bam bop!!! Good to see Rachael and Becky, too. Bry, bet you did real good on your first ham radio hit, but you did look nervous! Rich said you did great with your beads, Em---so glad you are enjoying making them and doing what you love. Great to talk to you today, Rich---wish we could have a week or so just to gab! Love you all, Mom