Friday, August 25, 2006

On TheBus, On The Air

Just wanted to try sending a photo from the phone to the blog. This is my view on the bus as I ride in to work. Yesterday was a big day for Bryan and me. We went on the air with our call signs for the first time. I was intending to key up the repeater to test my signal by calling for my friend KH6HAK. We had made no arrangement to meet and I did not expect him to come up. Well no sooner had I released the PTT button, he comes back as clear as day! We talked a little as I was walking home from the bus stop, and KH6QX came up to say that there would not be a net that night. Bummed and relieved at the same time, I asked Hank to stand by while I got Bryan on the air. Within a minute of finding out his call sign he was on the air! Terrified, but on the air. We both just had our first radio contact! Now I have to overcome that fear and get on more often. Maybe this morning. Tonight we'll log into the 7:30 net and introduce ourselves there.

Peace, Love and First Contact,


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