Friday, August 25, 2006

Hams, Friends and Beads

Bryan and I got our first QSL cards! A card is sort of a receipt of a radio contact. You might try to ask for and collect cards from every state, every continent or every frequency. Stuff like that. Anyway my friend Hank (KH6HAK) sent us QSL cards for our very first contact. Thanks Hank!

Here is a picture of my crew mates at KITV. On the left is Marty, my boss. In the middle is Melissa (we call her Mel), she is the topical producer. That means she hangs out in the newsroom and finds out what the big stories are for the day, and then she quickly crafts promos to watch our newscast that evening. "Find out tonight how this truck wound up in a tree...", that kinda thing. On the right is Ezra. He is the newest to our team and he helps edit, write, produce our non-topical promotion. He often helps me out with graphics too.

Emily is beading like a mad woman! Tomorrow she will be selling her "baubles" and earrings/necklaces/bracelets at Uncle Richard's grand opening of "50-Plus", a fitness center for folks 50+. There is going to be a vendor tent with folks selling stuff (even Starbucks!) and Em will have a booth. I will be video taping some of it and help set up / take down. Tonight I was helping Emily create some display boards. Hope she doesn't stress out too much! I'm sure everything will go fine.

Peace, Love and Baubles,



Gung Ho said...

Nice effect with the pics...grayish outline with a shadow. What program did you use?

Rich said...

I did it by hand with Photoshop. I'm not saying I'm gonna do it every time either, but I am pleased with the effect.