Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy Weekend!

This weekend I took Bryan to the State Botball tournament at the Blaisdell Center on Saturday morning. Teams from all over the state (including Hanalani!) build robots from the same kit, program them, and then compete to complete a wide variety of possible tasks. The on board computer is a Gameboy running a special "game" program which allows it to receive sensor input and control servos. We also met the Hanalani team advisor and introduced ourselves. Maybe Bryan will be able to join the team next year.

We didn't stay to the end because Bryan had a sleep-over birthday party to go to and we had something special to go to too. Emily and I took Bradley to his first ever concert. We went to see the groups Audio Adrenalin and Mercy Me. It was a great concert and Bradley loved it. He has recently fallen in love with music, especially after getting an iPod for his birthday.

This was Audio Adrenalin's last performance ever. It was nice to be there for that, but honestly I was most impressed with "Mercy Me". Their heart for God as they played was so nourishing to our soul.

We got home pretty late (11:30pm) and I still had a technical proposal to prepare for church the next day. By the time I went to bed it was 12:30am. 5 hours later I was up to help set up for church. This was just my third Sunday with the video ministry and I'm so glad I've been paying attention, because Wallace (the 'regular' guy) had a bunch of welts after diving last night and wasn't going to make it to church today! I was going to be solo! I worked hard and was sweating like a pig when church started (ewwww...), but I had everything running 10 minutes before the service began. Good thing nothing went wrong because I had almost no time left for troubleshooting. Actually if my proposal is adopted, it should make set up and take down a bit easier.

I was hoping to go to our church's beach baptism in the afternoon, but honestly I was just "spent". Went home, put ice on my elbow, and took a nap. Spent the rest of the afternoon clearing emails and updating some blogs.

Peace Love and Busy Weekends,



Barbara Olmos said...

I love reading about all the things you do with your boys. The time that you're spending with them now will reap great dividends when they become young men because you will have built a strong foundation of trust and friendship.
So even though you end up feeling a little spent, know that you're making a worthwhile and God-honoring investment. More power to ya!

Rich said...

Thanks Barbara! I was very encouraged by your comment. I remember Mark referring to these things as building "Bridges of Trust". I can certainly use as many bridges as I can get, because adolescence is right around the bend for Bryan! So far I'm feeling pretty good about our relationship going into it. Thanks again for the encouraging word.