Monday, August 06, 2007

Archery again

After a long absence, I finally got back to the archery range again. I had taken some time off when my left forearm started hurting because of a "repetitive-use" injury (due to ham-radio, not archery). I stopped my early morning archery visits AND my gym visits until it healed. Guess its time to get back to the gym too, huh?

Our weekend felt very long! Bryan and Bradley had a bunch of friends over for an end of summer sleepover. They pretty much entertained themselves and I know Bryan and Bradley had a great time! Man, those kids love their computer games!

I tried going to 'Seattle's Best' today for a chai, rather than Starbucks. Blech. I'm sorry to say this is the first chai that I did not thoroughly enjoy. The spice in the tea seems to burn my throat, almost like a pepper. What's up with that? Nope, I still prefer Starbucks creamy smooth chai.

Monday. Blech. Mondays always ruin my weekends.


Bolo said...

Hmmm...haven't tried the chai from SB's...just the chai from Sb's...

Ever tried a double-dirty blended chai? A couple shots of espresso tossed into an iced chai that's blended to a slushy consistency. YUM!

Rich said...

Oooo that sounds good! I'll wait for a day when I really need the caffeine jolt to ask for that.

Bolo said...

It's ono! I got one for a buddy of mine recently, and he gave me a look that said all I needed to know :)