Friday, August 10, 2007

Catching Up on some Photos

My father-in-law said my shots of Koi on Maui reminded him of his favorite artist Monet! What do you think?

Cool thunderhead I watched developing for a good 30 minutes in traffic. I just watched its peak roil higher and higher, up to nearly 12,000 feet! The Waianae range is 4000 feet high at its peak.

Bryan's sleep-over party. They spent an hour and a half setting up this Heroscape game, and didn't even play!

Father and son splinters! Mine was the smaller one! I got mine doing yard work (the honorable way!) We don't know how Bryan got his, or why he waited a day to complain about it!

Early morning Thursday at the archery range. A nice tight group from 30 yards. Could still be tighter though! 9 arrows here. I tore a vane on one of them, but successfully repaired it a few hours later at work. I can now "fletch" my own arrows!

Peace, Love and Photographic Evidence!


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