Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching up on some photos

Our wonderful small group... Wananada Wednesdays!

This is what happens when I try some long range archery (70 yards!). I happened to strike the end of the 1 inch x 1 inch METAL support frame for the bale. (The steel tip should be pointed!) The frame rang like a bell!

I've been trying my hand at drawing again. I've always been able to draw inanimate objects, but live subjects always look terrible. I got a book that I hope is going to help me with that.

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Sandy Fewell said...

I was thrilled that you are pursuing a love that you had as a small boy---do you remember you and David drawing all those funny faces, and trucks, etc with pencil? Both of you were very talented and I am glad that now you are trying it again. Both pictures were great!!! Have you ever thought of drawing Bible character pictures portraying a Bible story, such as Noah, Jonah, Abraham and Isaac, etc.? It might be more meaningful if you depicted something that might minister to another person. Just an idea.
Thanks for sharing them with us! Love you, Mom