Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Live streaming" church worked!

Hi Everyone!

We had our first test of streaming our church's video "live" onto the
net and it went pretty well, and the results were recorded too! You
can go to the following web page to see how it went:

You'll see the video is highly compressed and sometimes freezes.
Rarely the audio freezes. Overall it IS what I expected from the
technology. Remember, we are doing this without spending a penny!
If we want to look better, we are going to need to invest in some
serious equipment, but honestly I think it is pretty acceptable as
is. We might be able to create a little more stability by using a
new, more powerful laptop (next week!). I'd love to hear your
thoughts regarding its "watchability".

A couple of other notes: We stop recording when the message starts
(we have not secured rights for rebroadcasting the DVD) You can grab
the slider and move it to any portion of the clip. (You don't have
to finish the fist song to listen to the second).

Once we have it running predictably, we will publicize it and put the
link on the webpage.


Rich Fewell


Gung Ho said...

"we are doing this without spending a penny!"...that's a good Chinese deal!

Hey, Rich, great job. I just might bring my laptop next week, plug into the wall in some obscure building, and watch the live stream.

Anonymous said...

From Pastor Mike:
Congratulations on a successful "test-fire" of our very 1st live streaming!!! It looked great from my end! This is one of those things with HUGE potential impact for ministry to the world! Let's see what the Lord does with it. Feels like the first guy to try gun powder, the next thing you know you're walking on the moon!!!