Saturday, November 10, 2007

Busy productive day

Got a lot done today, at least it felt like it. Still, the list of things to do never ends, and I have to be up early for church tomorrow.

Weeded and cleaned back yard
Fed kids breakfast
Picked up EVDO from Ryan Ozawa (my hero)
evaluated EVDO tech for New Hope Mililani
mowed lawn trimmed trees, ran blower
Got kids doing homework (no small task)
fed kids lunch
Eye doc appointment
shopped Costco
filled car with gas
cleaned and moved new shelf into house
setup at church for tomorrow
launched a KH6DAD channel
Uploaded photos of WV vacation (still loading)
Played with Twitter all day
updated Facebook profile


Church (2 services)
return EVDO gear
build a western town with Brad for school
nap? (Ha!)
Mannings for a light birthday party and Rattatoui viewing
collapse into bed

What a weekend. I can't wait for Monday. I have to go to work, but it will still feel like a holiday I think!

Peace, Love and Fast Paced,


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