Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friends Young and Old...

Wow, it has been a busy place around here lately. It is nice to have our home back to ourselves again. I am so proud of Bryan for the friends he has. They really are a great bunch of guys and they have fun playing and being goofy together. Their lives revolve around video games it seems. Nathan and Bradley were the only ones playing outside for any length of time.

I wonder what ever happened to some of my childhood friends. Guys if you are reading this, drop me a line or leave a comment! Richard Pyle (I believe he is now Dr. Richard Pyle, with a Ph.D. in Marine Biology from UH.), Scott Pippen, Greg Smith, John Ward, Shelly Burns Warman. Are any of you out there?

Since I'm at it, I'd also love to hear from any of my classmates from 6-8th grades at Le Jardin Academy. Joel Robinson, Don Warren, David Hoskins, Joe Bass, Billie Jo Lee, Stacey McCoy, Colleen Brady, Leslie Fulk, Dawn Decker, Julia Curry, Lisa Jackson, Jeff Graper.

Oh let's go ahead and load up the Google web-crawler will all the names of friends past: Tim Rod, Mark Cruthers, Dean Daylo, John Morris, David Moon, Geniver Madriaga, Jay Mitsui, Andy Law, Eddie Hershman, Craig Silva, Jeff Higgins.

OK that's quite the list. There are all friends that I have lost touch with and have a curiosity to know what ever became of them. Hopefully, someday, someone will do a search and a name will pop up and we'll renew a connection.

Peace Love and Old Friends,

Rich Fewell
2nd-5th Kainalu
6-8th Le Jardin
9-12 Saint Louis High School
Windward Community College
University of Hawaii (B.A. Communications)

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Rich said...

I got a response from Richard Pyle. He is on staff at Bishop Museum and we're gonna try to get together in 2008. He also heard a little about Greg Smith, who supposedly is living up on the North Shore somewhere.