Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sing-a-long "We are friends,..fre..e...e..friends!"

Hi friends,

Just got home from a small Wananada Wednesday (Bible Study) night at my buddy's house. I'm a bit tired and it was good to just talk with my friend Gary for a while. It made me really appreciative of all my friends and I just wanted to let you know, in my impersonal but oh-so-Rich way, that my friendships with you mean a lot to me. For all of you who call me friend, forgive me for taking our relationship for granted. Ha! Sounds like I've been drinking or something!

(...Raises glass, "I luves eash und Eevery ones of you. I luves you, and you, and you...whersh the bathroom,...I gotta pee...")

ANYWAY.... friends are cool and I have cool friends. Thanks!

Peace Love and Good Friends,


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Gung Ho said...

The next song around the campfire..."Sing a song a poly michi kai me o!"