Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Has Arrived

I am mostly better from that nasty cold and am starting to get my energy back. Thank goodness and thank YOU for being patient with me while I took a blogging break.

After church on Sunday we had a wonderful time of getting into the spirit of Christmas. We cleared a corner of our home and set up the Christmas tree. Much effort was exerted in trying to get it just right. Spin it, turn it, fluff it, lean it here or there,...Nuff Already! Perfect! HA! We cranked up the Christmas tunes on the stereo and started adding lights and ornaments to the tree. We even added a Christmas train to go around the tree!

I knighted Bryan as everlasting king of Christmas lights and he took to un-tangling and repairing all the tree and outdoor lights, and putting them in place. He had no idea what he agreed to, but He did a great job through it all! Bradley started bringing all our family ornaments to the tree and hanging them in all the right places. I helped with the high branches. Emily was busy decorating the house and setting up our little nativity scene by the tree. She kept everything organized and had all the empty boxes back in the storage containers when we were through.

It looked great! I love the spot we picked for the tree because the glass windows reflect the tree lights at night, so that it looks like we have 3 Christmas trees!

We were ready to settle down then, so Bryan made us all HOMEMADE HOT CHOCOLATE (from scratch, no mixes!). He added a drop of almond extract to each, along with a whipped cream topping sprinkled with cinnamon. It was definitely a gourmet hot chocolate. He learned how to do it last year and has made it one of his specialties. We all sat down in the dark with our tree twinkling and the hot chocolate warming our tummies and enjoyed a great movie on TV together. It was truly a very memorable evening.

Peace, Love and Cherished Christmas Memories,



Sandy Fewell said...

Aaaaaah! Made me so warm and fuzzy reading your blog today---that's what Christmas is all about---togetherness and special memories! Can't wait to extend your Christmas memories with us this year!
I see the three trees! How neat!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the hot chocolate!

Bolo said...

I think I may need to partake of this hot chocolate...