Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sat Morn: Chai With Bry Time

Bryan and I have a tradition of talking one-on-one each Saturday morning about things that he will be faced with as he enters adolescence. We call it Chai with Bry Time, as it is often at Starbucks. This Saturday however, because we were babysitting my nieces early on Saturday, I took Bryan to one of my favorite places,...Waahila Ridge State Park. (Often referred to as Saint Louis Heights Park). We bought a big cup of hot chai and found a secluded picnic table in the woods. We have been going through James Dobson's "Preparing For Adolescence" program and it has been very helpful in preparing Bryan for the turbulent times ahead of him as he grows up.

These times have been so precious to me. There were moments in the past where I wondered what I was going to say or was worried about how well we would communicate over sensitive issues. It has turned out to be a treasured tradition and I experience a very deep satisfying joy preparing Bryan for what is ahead. He has been very attentive and is clearly soaking it all in, even if it may be to store for future referrence. We have not felt embarrassed by any of it and I am so glad we have been able to talk honestly about everything.

I pray that we are building a strong bridge, with deep roots, that will carry us through the years ahead. I can't wait to do it again with Bradley.

Peace, Love and Deep Truths over Spiced Tea,


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