Thursday, December 21, 2006

Experimental Satellite

Lights Camera Action!
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Yesterday Ron Hashiro (AH6RH) and Hank Kaul (KH6HAK) and I went down to Kakaako Waterfront Park to attempt to receive telemetry from a newly deployed satellite. In fact, the satellites came out of the back of the space shuttle just 10 minutes before our attempt! (Video) Ron has been in contact with the designers of this satellite and offered his assistance in trying to establish their health as soon as they came out of the shuttle. Hank was there to document the whole thing. I was there as a learner and interested party.

Unfortunately we did not hear anything over Hawaii, possibly because the solar panels had not yet generated enough power for a full signal. The signal was heard later over Washington D.C. .

Today another set of satellites were to be deployed, but we just got news that the deployment system for one failed to fully eject the satellite. It may not be useable stuck have in/half out. Still we will try at 2:50 this afternoon.

Note this entry was created via Flickr, a new photo sharing service I am trying and I am looking forward to see how well it works.

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