Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Visit to Poli Poli Park

We've been relaxing and eating too much at my parents house since Christmas. It has been wonderfully lazy! We decided today to get out of the house and visit one of our favorite places on Maui, Poli Poli Park. It is at 6,100 feet on the slopes of Haleakala. It involves a long drive up the side of the mountain and then an off road journey to the park.

Along the way we went geocaching, saw parasailers and slope-soaring RC gliders, and just enjoyed the tremendous views from that elevation. I was even able to make ham radio contacts with friends in Honolulu using just my handheld. Because of the elevation, I could hit repeaters on Oahu that I couldn't even hit from Mililani! At the park we had a little picnic and did some minor hiking before heading home.

It has been a very relaxing time here and tomorrow we visit Lahaina with the Hirose's and then stay with them a few days in Kula.

Peace Love and Deep Relaxation,



Barbara Olmos said...

Okay, I enlarged the first photo and was enjoying the breathtaking scenery when something seemed amiss ... why is Bradley wearing only ONE shoe???

Rich said...

Ha! Good eyes Barbara! Bradley and Bryan were playing that morning on Nana & Papa's treadmill. They were leaping around, WITHOUT SHOES, and sure enough, poor Bradley got his foot caught in it and really bruised it. It still hurt too much to wear a shoe on that foot. Nothing broken though, and he's already running around with his cousins.

Bolo said...

That's a mother for you!