Monday, December 18, 2006

Mon Morn: Crime Victim

I couldn't sleep.

I had been tossing and turning in bed for an hour. I decided to get up and read a book instead of worrying about sleep. I turned on the lights and sat in a chair with some blankets and started reading a sailing book. About 10 minutes later (roughly 2:45am) I heard a car alarm go off, very close to us. In fact I got up and grabbed my keys and checked to see if it was the Rodeo by turning it's alarm off and on. It was OK. Then I tried my pickup alarm remote,...HEY! that's my truck! I grabbed my hiking stick which I keep by the door and turned off the house alarm and ran to the driveway. I still figured it was a cat or something.

To my surprise I saw a shattered glass panel of my rear widow curving into the cab of my truck. Only the tinting was holding it together at all. My gas can from the bed of my truck was by the driver's side door and a siphon hose (not mine) and a homemade lock jimmy (also not mine) were found around the truck.

It looked as though they had pushed the window edge in, hoping the magnet would stay in place over the sensor. I guess they either unexpectedly broke the glass or moved it too far as they set off the alarm. I was out there pretty quickly but didn't hear any running or swearing or cars or anything.

I called the cops and they looked around, took my statement, and left. There isn't much they could do. In fact they said it had been a pretty quiet night otherwise.

I was left to tear out the old glass, vacuum up the shards and tape a plastic garbage bag over the back. Junk.


Sandy Fewell said...

Junk is right!!! What do you think they were after---the gas or something inside??? So grateful you didn't run into a gang or something when you went outside. Insurance should pay for the window, right? I know, it's such a hassle! And as Dick would say, "that's a my truck!---don't touch my truck!"
It could've been worse---it's fixable.

Ryan said...

Bummer! They were after both your gas and stuff in your cab? Talk about greed. Good thing you decided to head out, though. Most folks these days ignore alarms, even when it's their own!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain.

Something along those lines happened to me a while back. Some one took a shot at my truck (at least twice) with ball bearings, and (I assume) a sling-shot. The first one looked like it hit the the driver's side door column; the second one was a clean shot right through the driver's side window....and the tint was the only thing holding it together....

Barbara Olmos said...

I just finished reading your entries from Friday night thru' Monday morning. I hope the bummer of Monday morning won't take the joy away from all the wonderful stuff God was doing in and through you Friday thru Sunday.