Sunday, January 14, 2007

Aloha from Idaho!

Aloha! It's COLD! (Duh!)

We have been leaving most mornings with the temperature outside around negative 6 degrees! We actually think it gets quite pleasant at 11 degrees (around noon)!

We are having a blast! We had no problems arriving here, except that we spent too much time shopping for winter clothes in Boise before starting our 100 mile drive up to McCall. If you ask me, it was time well spent, despite arriving in McCall after dark. As soon as we had all the bags inside and had looked all around our AMAZING lodge, the kids wanted to go outside and see the snow. It was probably 8pm and ZERO degrees outside, but since we came all this way to see snow, how could the kids be expected to wait another evening? They bundled up and went to play in the snow by porch light! (The neighbors must have thought we were crazy!)

The next morning we were starved so we went into town and had a wonderful, hearty breakfast at a big pancake house. I gotta tell you, Idaho portions are huge! Everywhere we go the amount of food on the plate is riduculous! (Tomorrow morning we are feasting on leftovers!)

Anyways, Day One was all about testing the winter clothes and going snow tubing in the afternoon. We went down to a place call the Activity Barn, and they have a hill with 4 runs and a simple rope lift for snow tubing. Our whole family went tubing (yes, even Em!) and we had so much fun. You get going SO FAST and you can't really control what direction you point or what walls you hit. It was very cold though, with the wind really nipping at our cheeks and noses.

Day Two was about skiing. We drove up to Brundage to take a day full of ski lessons. Em was content to sit this one out and enjoy the lodge. It was probably a good decision for her, knowing her weak ankles and fear of going downhill. Me and the boy's got signed in and suited up in 15 minutes and we were off to our classes. We had Ed Back, a great instructor with a patient style and in no time we were wedging and turning down Easy Street, their beginner slope. After a break for lunch we were back again learning one legged turns and also doing some more difficult terrain. Bryan especially gained confidence in the second round of classes and was right there with us until the end. After our classes were over, we still had about 45 minutes of free time to ski all on our own, and I think that was my favorite part. Just me and my boys going down the slopes.

Well, now, after a great big meal at The Mill of prime rib, lamb chops and ribs (more leftovers!) we are bushed.

I have been having problems with the WiFi here the whole time, and have finally got a connection to the internet working after plugging directly in to the network. I have uploaded many of the pictures we have taken so far to this website: Idaho Pictures.

Tomorrow, we get up early to go snowmobiling, then we have to start organizing to go back home. Hope you enjoy the photos and if you have any questions for me about the snow before I leave, get them in to me quick! Tomorrow is supposed to be -14 degrees!

Peace, Love and Long Johns,


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