Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Going home

It has been really fun here in Idaho. We left for the airport early this morning and now I am sitting at the gate for our flight to Portland, then on to Hawaii. The Boise Airport has free WiFi, so I am able to send this update to you now. Our flight is 42 minutes delayed, and it looks like we may miss our connecting flight to Honolulu.

A few more details I haven't mentioned. I did make contact with Idaho Amateur Radio operators. They were mostly members of a club called the Voice of Idaho, and I found them to be very friendly, helpful and hospitable folks. I spoke with Raz (W7RAZ), the president of the club, the most and he was quite helpful getting me oriented to the repeaters here.

There were some geocaches in the area and I was hoping to log an Idaho cache, but the ones that were close just were not working out, especially considering the amount of snow and the cold temperatures.

The people here are friendly and the food is great, often served in Ginormous portions. We had a leftover feast our last evening at home.

I am still sick but it isn't crippling, just unpleasant. My energy levels come and go in waves and I'm constantly blowing my nose.

That's it from here. Back to the normal grind when we get back. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Peace, Love and Pleasant Journeys,


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