Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flight back

Okay, our new flight to Seattle has ALSO BEEN DELAYED. We are now leaving Boise at 2:15PM, to go to Seattle, then we'll be flying Northwest to Honolulu, arriving 9:27pm. The junk thing is that, at the moment, we are all sitting in separate rows by ourselves for the flight to Hawaii. No one seems to be able to help us change that here, so we are going to try to change it officially in Seattle. If that doesn't work, we may try to appeal to people on our own so that we can at least get an adult next to each of the boys.

Dad also was given quite a run-around by Aloha Airlines, who were going to charge him $43 to change his $19 ticket because they didn't seem to believe he had been delayed here in Boise. He had to get some ticket agent on the phone to confirm our predicament before Aloha would just make the change. Come on, where's the Aloha?

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