Monday, January 15, 2007


Today we got an early start because we had to be at "Cheap Thrills" at 8am to prepare for our half day snowmobiling adventure. After we got there, we picked out the various elements of our attire that were lacking. Most got entire snow suits, and we all got helmets. Gloves, boots and antifog spray rounded out the rest. They told us we were being delayed until 10:00 because it was too cold for the snowmobiles. (!) If it's too cold for the snowmobiles, surely it was too cold for us!

Undaunted, we met our outfitter at the trailhead at 10:00 and learned all about our snowmobiles and got some advice on how to ride them. They said the'd be back at 2:00 AND HAVE FUN! For the next 4 hours we were snowmobilers!

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My Dad's friend Gordon met us there at 10 with is snowmobile. He has been on this trail many times so it was natural for him to lead off. He started at a fast pace and very quickly we learned where the holes in our "snow armor" were. We also had trouble initially with fogged up goggles/windscreens. It took a few stops to get everything sorted out, but then we were off!

It is absolutely beautiful up there. The trail was smooth, the snow was powder and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The contrast of the blue sky and the white mountain ridges was breathtaking! At times we went off trail to explore around the woods, at other times we were hauling at 40-50 miles per hour on the snow road.

Our only incident happened during one of our excursions off road. We were driving through some pretty thick snow on a mild slope to get to a nearby summit. Gordon and Bryan were in front, Emily and I were next and Papa and Bradley were at the back. When we got back to the road we turned around and could not see Papa anywhere! Gordon went back to find them while I stayed with my family. It turns out that at one point in their trip, they lost a little momentum on a slope and the snowmobile tipped, and because the snow was so deep and soft they were a bit stuck. No injuries and Gordon quickly had them dug out and back on the road.

We visited some natural hot springs and took a short break in the rustic office there, then it was time to head back. I'd say 48 miles in all! Bryan had fallen asleep the last part of the journey back, but Bradley slept ALL the way back.

This was truly a very memorable trip, but now it is time to go home. Unfortunately for me, I have gotten sick with a head cold. Just doing too much and not resting I guess. I feel terrible and listless, but I'm hoping a good night's sleep tonight will fix me up. Tomorrow we have to leave at 6am for the three hour drive to Boise and the airport. I'm a little worried about all the altitude changes ahead of me with my stuffed sinuses.

Even so, this has been the most amazing trip! Who'd have thunk that I would ever find myself in Idaho! Thanks Nana and Papa for making it possible! I will never complain about being cold in Mililani again!

We will be home Tuesday evening and I will be at work Wednesday morning.

Peace, Love and a new appreciation of the word "COLD",


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