Friday, January 26, 2007

Someone I wish I knew

Here is someone I think I would have liked to have known. Allen Emer. He was a TV cameraman, Ham radio operator (N2YAC), hammock camper, pilot, sailor and outdoorsman. I don't know him, but I wish I had. He was killed in a lightning storm in June 2006, when a bolt struck the tree he was tied off to. He was kayak camping in New Jersey. Check out his photo album slideshow. Absolutely amazing.

Well done Allen.


Sue said...


I want to introduce myself. I’m Sue Emer (KB2TWL), wife of Al Emer who you mentioned on your Blog as ‘Someone I wish I knew’. Your site was sent to me this morning, Al’s birthday, by his twin brother. It was a very touching thing to read that someone that didn’t know him could see what a good man he was. Al loved people and lived his life to the fullest. I’m sure that he would have loved to sit with you and talk about everything.

Thank you for helping me, a stranger, get thru a difficult day.

Sue Emer

Sue said...

May I introduce myself, I am Doris Emer, mother of Allen Emer {Someone I wish I Knew}.
Today is Allen's birthday, and as you can imagine, having sons of your own, it started as a rather depressing, sad, dark dismal day. However, your blog on my son Allen was the first thing I read this morning {Sent by his twin brother Dudley}. It was as if a ray of sunshine just entered my day.

Al {I called him Skip all his life}, was a great son and father. He left with me two wonderful treasures, his wife Sue and his son Sean, my grandson.

I want to thank you again for putting the sunshine back in my day - it was a great help.

May God Bless you


Rich said...


Your comments moved me and I am glad God was able to comfort you with this simple blog entry. I am a ham radio operator, I work at KITV Island Television here in Honolulu, and I love adventure, sailing and camping. I know I would have loved to meet him while he was here, but I can wait. We can share stories for eternity in heaven. That'll be cool.

A future friend of Al,


Sue said...


Great posting on your Blog, the Fuel Depot. This has been a great way for our family to express our love and emotion towards our men Today. I am Dudley's wife , Linda Emer. Also a ham KC7GXX. Sending this from Las Vegas, Nev.Today is a Birthday for Dudley and Al. Our family feels great sorrow over the loss of Dudley’s Twin brother, Al Emer.

Thanks again! We needed this.

Linda Emer

Sue said...

A bit late, but I still think I should introduce myself as well. I'm Sean Emer (KC2DIJ), and I know him as Dad. It amazed me that even after his passing, he could still make friends with people whom he did not know in life. I too spent yesterday in a gloom, but seeing your entry and looking at his photo gallery again made me remember the good times we had (I took most of the photos in that gallery).

Again, thanks so much for your blog entry, as every little bit helps to ease the pain.

Sean Emer

Anonymous said...

I knew Allen at the University of Tennessee where our dorm rooms were directly across from each other. I also met Dudley when he came to visit Allen while on leave from the army. I think it says something about Allen that his is one of the few names I remember from 1968. I have a couple of pictures of Allen that I would be happy to share with the family if they are interested. My email address is

Doug Baker