Saturday, September 30, 2006

The bottom of the world!


My first week of being into ham radio (1 month ago) I made it a goal to contact someone in Antarctica. I thought it would be so cool for someone in Hawaii to contact someone in Antarctica via a walkie-talkie! Well I have been trying ever since and I have finally been successful! Bryan and I both spoke with KC4AAC at Palmer Station, Antartica at 7:15am HST.

I spoke to the communication technician there named Bede and he said it was -10 degrees celsius and there was a light snow falling and the ocean was lightly frozen (slushy). I could see the conditions there via their webcam. He said if it wasn't so far away, he'd run over and wave!

It is the end of winter there and they are heading for summer (southern hemisphere).

 He has been a part of their 16 person skeleton crew keeping the station going over the last 7 months.  He is orienting his replacement as he prepares to go home to New Zealand. He has served not only at Palmer Station, but also at McMurdo Station (virtual tour), Scott Base (history link) and the South Pole. He said Palmer Station is downright balmy when compared with the South Pole station.

Palmer Station studies the polar marine biome with research focused on the Antarctic pelagic marine ecosystem, inclusive of marine sea ice habitats, regional oceanography and terrestrial nesting site of seabird predators.

He had to get back to work (Saturday is a work day for them) but maybe we'll talk again sometime.

Peace, Love and Brrrrrrrr (-10 degrees!),


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Gung Ho said...

How exciting! That's pretty COOL! Ha ha.