Saturday, September 02, 2006

South Africa

Another long distance contact!

Bryan was with me this time as we tried to see how far away we could reach. After a lot of trying and "node-hopping" (it's like fishing), we finally got a 'bite'. We spoke with Dave from South Africa, ZS4DT. He lives in Harrismith (I spelled it wrong in the photo). It was 8:30pm our time, and since they are exactly on the other side of the world, it was 8:30am his time. Also, since he is in the southern hemisphere, he reported that it was a beautiful spring morning, whereas we are heading into fall. Aaaamazing!

Anyway, I hope to speak with him again. I caught him as his family was preparing to go to church so we couldn't talk long, but I hope to call back and see if he can talk in the morning, as WE are preparing to go to church.

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