Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hunting & Fishing Day

The Koko Head shooting range hosted an all day hunting and fishing day to benefit the Hawaii Food Bank. For every can collected you could get a coupon for one activity. There was casting contests, archery, .22 through .45 shooting ranges (both rifle and pistol). There was trap shooting and muzzleloading section, and even an airgun range. Because the kids were young there wasn't too much we could do in the firearms parts, so we spent most of our time at the archery range. We had a blast! and learned a lot.

Hey Em, I think I know what I would like for my birthday!


Barbara Olmos said...

Hey Rich,
When I scrolled down and saw that boar target, I gasped and thought, "You better hope my daughter Sarah never sees that photo. She absolutely abhors (no pun intended) the hunting of animals for sport. She'll go ballistic on you! She just got an A in archery class, so YOU better take cover! :)

Rich said...

They actually spend an evening on the topic of those who are against hunting in the Department of Land and Natural Resources Hunter Education Class. It is covered in the lesson about the ethics of hunting. I respect her opinion. I certainly hope she doesn't send an arrow my way! ;)