Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kinda quiet lately...

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Just hasn't been much I felt driven to blog about.

What's going on this week? Well, Emily starts watching Bryce Houghtailing today. She will be his regular baby sitter weekdays for the next few years. I think she is happy to have a baby in the house again. She is a really good caregiver and I know it will be a thrill for her to watch Bryce grow to school age.

Bryan is away at camp with his class from Hanalani for the next few days. They are at Camp Mokuleia on he north shore and he could not wait to go! He was downright giddy about it, squealing randomly as we taught him to pack because he could not keep his excitement all pent up. This is the same camp he went to last year where he got to do a tree-top zip line and go ocean canoe paddling. I have no doubt he is having a great time.

Bradley is missing his brother some, but enjoys having the computer and TV to himself, and has been spending his free time writing his own comic book called "Tigerman!" (Rowr). He has 2 episodes written already.

Tonight I will be attending the Emergency Amateur Radio Club meeting for the first time. I talk to many of the members each night and just got my license when they were meeting last month. In fact, TODAY I have had my amateur radio license exactly 1 month. In that moth I have already spoken to Minnesota, Tennessee, Australia, South Africa, and have made contacts via satellite and was even able to hit the Haleakala repeater from my home and meet a Canadian ham (bacon?) from Vancouver who has been in this activity for 45 years and is completely blind.

I'm looking forward to taking a week off October 9th through 13th for my birthday. I want to go through last years leadership conference DVDs for some of my time, and I want to spend a day hiking. The rest of the time is mostly unscheduled and what is cool is that the kids will be off for the week too.

That's what's going on. Thanks for checking in!

Peace, Love and Grace,


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