Friday, September 01, 2006


The boys and I went camping a few weeks ago, and when we go camping, one of Bryan's favorite things to do is to sleep in the hammock. It is pitch black in the forest and the stars just shine their little hearts out. Where we camp there is usually a pretty brisk wind blowing through the trees, which makes the whole forest sway and creak and fills the air with the steady "white-noise" of rustling leaves. It is very very relaxing.

Well when I came home, Bryan had been repeatedly asking me to sleep in the hammock. We string up the hammocks in the back yard and it is a nice place to rest or think or just unwind. Well tonight he was all bundled up in the hammock after we finished our ham radio session and he wanted to sleep outside. All my usual excuses were invalid. It wasn't a school night, the sky was clear so Emily and I gave a tentative OK, figuring he would just wander in on his own sometime.

Well, he actually fell asleep! Em and I were both still up doing our own pastimes around 10pm when the back door slid open and in walks a dopey Bryan complaining of being itchy. His face was covered in mosquito bites! I think he fed every mosquito in the neighborhood! He said he never heard anything and was sleeping pretty soundly. Emily and I were both amused and concerned. It was funny, but we didn't want it to turn into something serious, so we gave Bry some Benedryl and I put "Sting-Ez" on his bumps. We made him promise NOT TO SCRATCH and gave him a frozen water bottle to put on the "itchees". He's fast asleep now and I think he's going to be fine!

I'm SO glad he had picture taking the day BEFORE instead of the day after!

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Sandy Fewell said...

Poor thing! Hope he feels a lot better this morning. Rubbing alcohol helps to take away the itching. Tell him Nana loves him!